Urgo Gro-Burnshack

A half-orc mercenary bent on pride and greed, who strives to make a sizable fighting force one day.


I’m getting lazy.

He wishes to create a mercenary band in the future, for the money, and possibly what he thinks is ‘right’ at the time; although, his views on ‘right’ are rather bendable if there is some wealth or power involved.

The one thing he hates the most, demons.
Or quite possibly any hellish apparitions and abominations that get in his or his comrades’ way. He doesn’t have strong feelings of right, but his perspective of wrong is outlandish beings ravaging the world; after all, with the right amount of payment, that’s HIS job.

Backstory? While the other kids were off learning how to be scribes and politicians and whatnot, he felt a life of combat was much more… interesting. He was probably smarter than the rest of the children there too, surprising for one of Orc heritage, but MUCH more violent than the others. At the age of ten he began to wield and learn the Spiked Chain, seeing it as an entertaining, intriguing weapon.

Oh, and he’s horrendously ugly.

Urgo Gro-Burnshack

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