Asgoth The Cleric

A cleric of Baccob, determined to help magic users, where ever they are


Asgoth was born many years ago, in a small village just outside the walls of a great castle-town.

The lands of the kingdom are restless, and peace rarely comes. To help try and sooth the spirits of the citizens, all of the children of the area are put into priest-schools at a young age, where they study the tenets of all deities to better understand their grand, universal plan. They study all gods, those of good, those of evil, those of nature and animals, those that brought about the races into life, and even the gods of the vile arts of magickery.

Eventually, all students are required to choose a group of deities (usually those sharing a profile) to study more intently and specialize in. Asgoth, finding a morbid fascination of the gods of Magic, that most accursed substance, decided to follow into the religious studies of the Mage-Gods. He wanted to better understand the plight that they created, to see their reasoning behind the grotesque joke of Magic.

He went through his studies normally for a couple of years. He delved deep into his studies, often times spending days in his quarters sorting through ancient parchments and desiccated tomes, poring over millenia-old religious rites and stories. Becoming a bit of a recluse, the only time that many saw him at all was when he was out of his room attending classes, or on the occasional vacation breaks that sent him out of the city walls and back to his home village.

When sent out of the school, Asgoth was almost freed from captivity in a way, immediately leaving his books behind and opening his eyes to the wonders of the outside world. Such was the cause of the cruel twist of irony that was to befall him. On his way out of the city on the first day of a spring vacation, Asgoth found himself wandering around the market district of the kingdom, enchanted by an Elven street vendor and his wares, many of them hand-carved pendants of gods, or strange bits of nature from a faraway land, many marked with arcane signs that Elves are known for.

He spent the entire day going from stall to stall, his inquisitive mind exploring sights that he had never thought possible. As night was setting and the market district closing, he stumbled through the city towards the gates. His attention caught another unusual sight this night. A comely girl standing near an alleyway, dark haired and clad in tight leather breaches and a loose blouse, beckoning him over. Intrigued, he walked over to her, and she took him by the hand and led him into the alleyway.

As soon as the shadows had concealed them, he heard a few light thumps behind him, and turned quickly to find scarred men holding swords, meaning to leave him a copper-less corpse in the streets. Seeing the trap for what it was, a fear crossed over Asgoth unlike any he had known before. He felt a coldness in the core of his body, and it spread as it enveloped him. As the coldness rose to encompass his head, the alleyway instantly brightened. His eyes began to glow with an icy white light, and he instinctively threw his hands out in front of him, the searing light blasting the thugs into the street, unconscious, and smoking lightly.

The woman, who had been part of the trap, turned quickly and ran in fear, screaming the whole way to the guard station. Asgoth, knowing the consequences of what had happened and fearing for his life, fled from the city as quickly as he could. He ran most of the night, making it back to his village well before dawn. He woke his parents, and told them what had happened. They gave him what little money they had on hand, and ushered him out of the village, giving him directions to find a family friend, who ran an underground churchood for magically-imbued priests.

He spent the next few years studying in this place, hiding from the authorities. Eventually, he was approached by a higher-up member of the chapel, telling him of how much potential he saw, and asking him if he wished to join the order of Boccob, Lord of Magic. Asgoth was thrilled, and immediately abandoned his other studies to join this even more secret society. Months later, initiations came. Asgoth found himself confronted with a foul ritual, one he had never heard of, that chilled him to his very core so much that I dare not speak the truths of the rite.

But he pushed himself through the ritual, believing it was worth it to be one of Boccob’s loyal followers. And through the ritual, he saw something: Sometimes, amazing magical creations justify appalling means. That was the message the ritual was made to present. When the ritual was complete, a man came and spoke to him, and revealed that he had just been accepted into the order of Vecna, the lord of secrets. Horrified, not at the ritual, but rather by the blatant lies that had been fed to him for months on end, Asgoth immediately quit the order out of spite.

However, Vecna’s order bestows upon its members many secrets that other clerics should never know. Again, Asgoth found himself hunted, and fleeing for his life. He was found rather quickly, but this time by a real member of Boccob’s order. They offered him entry into their society, as well as an escape and a purpose. He would travel the world, seeking out magical knowledge to add to Boccob’s ample tomes, as well as helping any and all magic-users he could escape persecution. In exchange, they would keep Vecna’s forces from him, using political means over violence to stay their hand.

Such was the deal offered to Asgoth, and one he wholeheartedly accepted.

Asgoth The Cleric

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