An Unfortunate Addiction

Trickery, Magic, and Goblins!

The story begins at the annual Festival of Life, in the city of Kelvador. People are enjoying the festivities, and while that is happening, one man is on a mission. An uppity human, introducing himself as “The Duke of Saro,” finds himself talking to a half-orc, going by the name of Urgo Gro-Burnshack, and his friend, and elf by the name of Tac Yttik. He tasks them with procuring an important family heirloom from some goblins that had taken refuge in a cave nearby the farming village of Saro, and promises them a large amount of gold if they can return it to him. The characters, eager at the thought of gold, embark immediately.

After a day and a half’s trip, they finally make it to the cave, they walk in, unknowingly interrupting a goblin dinner. The goblins get up and furiously attack, and after a skirmish, the heroes dispatch the goblins. Suddenly, a large man wielding a longsword bursts through the door to the cave. Urgo immediately wields his chain, while Tac starts leafing through her spellbook. The heroes realize that this man is not hostile towards them, but had been given the same task as they. The man introduces himself as Antony.

After forming a pact of camaraderie, at least for the moment, they continue on. They see a shoddily created door to another room, and a larger stone door in the middle of the room. They decide it would be best to open the wooden one first, and open the door to see a great sight, a giant goblin wearing a chef’s hat, and wielding a meat cleaver. Urgo had opened the door as the goblin was chopping up a manatee to prepare in a stew, and had the element of surprise. He walked forward, and wailed his chain towards the goblin, lashing it in the back, and then acted again, jumping to the side, and lashing it again. Next, Antony climbed onto the back of the beast, and stabbed it in the back of the neck with a kukri, just missing a major nerve. Tac, turns a page in her spellbook, and summons a fiendish octopus in front of the towering goblin, and as the octopus appears, it immediately attaches itself to the goblin’s neck, trying to constrict it. The goblin, furious at the attacks, pulls his mighty cleaver backwards, and swings at Urgo, and accidentally slams his cleaver against the ceiling, and releases his grip when he feels the recoil from the blow. Antony stabs the goblin once more, and Urgo slams the goblin in the face with a sap, and the lumbering goblin falls forward as Antony holds on to the goblin’s hair to stop himself from falling. Urgo then delivers a finishing blow to the goblin’s head, and the battle is done. As the battle ends, Tac starts to feel light-headed, and falls unconscious. Urgo and Antony figure that it was because of her use of magic, and decide it would be best to push on.

They search the room that they had first entered a bit more, and find stacks of barrels, filled with decaying fish. They decide that they could use them as a diversionary tactic, if need be, and Antony picks up a barrel of fish, and walks behind Urgo with it. They go down a long hallway that was behind the stone door, and reach another door, and with a few kicks, Urgo bursts the door down. They enter, and see a large chamber, which looks to be a ruined church of some kind. On top of a raised platform, in front of an altar, stands the man who had given them their task, The Duke of Saro. He displays his surprise at the heroes making it this far, and tells them to leave their possessions in the chamber and leave. Within seconds of hearing this, Urgo ducks, and Antony takes the cue and hurls the now open barrel of fish at The Duke. The duke angrily shouts at them, and picks up a sword and hurls it at Antony. The sword clangs against Antony’s shoulderpad, and his eyes are averted from The Duke for mere seconds. As his left shoulder recoils backwards from the blow, Antony and Urgo look up, and The Duke is gone, but something is amiss. The once empty church room had now has six small cages, with goblins inside them. The cage doors open, and the goblins attack.

Antony and Urgo ready their weapons, and attack the goblins. 3 goblins surround Antony, and he takes a swing at them with his sword, cleaving through one, and slicing the other’s abdomen, killing them both, and then he turns around, and gestures a threat towards the third, and it bolts away. Urgo works his way toward the other three while dodging incoming javelins. He whips two of them with his chain, and they fall to the ground, as the other runs to him and makes a daring attack with his morningstar. The goblin swings at Urgo, and loses his grip on the morningstar. The morningstar goes flying towards Urgo, and hits him in the abdomen, and the spikes stick in his leather armor. With a slight cough, Urgo pulls the morningstar out of his armor as Antony runs towards the other fleeing goblin with his throwing axe. Antony throws the axe at the goblin, and the axe is buried into the goblin’s shoulder blade, and it falls to the ground. Urgo slams the morningstar into the goblin’s head, and the goblin falls to his knees, bruised and battered, on his last limb. Antony walks up behind the goblin, and holds him up by his arms for Urgo, as Urgo gently places his hand over the goblin’s face, and twitches his hand to the right, causing a hidden blade to come from his sleeve, into the goblin’s throat. With the goblins taken care of, and The Duke nowhere to be found, the heroes investigate the ruins, and behind the altar, there was a chest. Urgo opens the chest, and sees a throwing axe in it. He picks it up and admires it, and notices the word “Orosque” etched into the handle of the axe. He utters the word, and the axe shines brightly. It looks like the party had found a magical item. Will they turn it in, knowing these things are illegal? Will they use it, despite it having dangerous magic inside? Why had Tac fainted? Only time will give the answers to these questions…


Tac Yttik: 250
Urgo Gro-Burnshack: 350
Antony: 250


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